Guardianships in New York & New Jersey.

Focused on helping families protect both incapacitated and developmentally disabled loved ones through Guardianship.

We help families protect their incapacitated and disabled loved ones by creating Guardianships. If you have a loved one that has become unable to make financial, medical or personal decisions for themselves and he or she does not have advanced directives, such as a healthcare proxy and/or a power of attorney in place, you may need to petition the Court to be appointed his or her Guardian to care for and protect them. We understand the hardship and difficulty families face when a loved one suffers from dementia, Alzheimer’s disease or other conditions that have impaired their decision-making ability. We are here to help you, help them.

If you are a parent of an incapacitated or developmentally disabled child who has turned 18, you no longer have the legal authority to make financial, personal or medical decisions for that child. Becoming your child’s Guardian may be the best and only way to continue to care for and protect them. We personally understand the challenges and difficulties families with children with special needs and work with those families to take the necessary steps to protect them.

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