Special Needs Planning in New York & New Jersey.

If there are persons with special needs in your family, as in Valerie’s family, you are probably already aware that your planning is more complex than most. You will need properly drafted wills and trusts, as well as long-term planning for both the special needs child and for his or her family members. The Law Office of Valerie Zaloom Buccino, has extensive experience working with families to take the necessary steps to protect their loved ones with special needs.

When we work with families with special needs children, we can show them how to protect the child now, as well as in the future when the parent is no longer here. We work with parents to identify the government benefits an individual can obtain. We also help clients protect the private funds and government benefits they receive through special needs trusts. The private funds may be those from personal injury awards that belong to the special needs person or the funds of another, such as the parent or grandparent.

A guardianship action is most likely needed once a special needs child reaches the age of 18. A parent loses their legal authority to make medical, personal and financial decisions for the child once he/she reaches the age of 18. We work with parents to be appointed their child’s guardian, as well as naming alternates, should the parents become unable serve, to ensure that there is always someone they trust with authority to protect their child.

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